TBL for Training

Many TBL practitioners are integrating TBL into training in ways which preserve and implement
the essential elements of TBL. It has become clear that TBL is well-suited to the training
environment and since so many occupations involve regular, career-long training, the potential
for integrating TBL into training is extensive and exciting.

Training settings are diverse and include:

  • Continuing professional education
  • Workforce development
  • Mandated workforce training
  • Corporate executive training

The TBLC is developing a Community of Practice in Training to ensure that TBL information is
inclusive, relevant and accessible, by

  1. Discovering how people are using TBL in training now
  2. Developing best practices for high fidelity TBL in training settings
  3. Disseminating this best practice information for implementing TBL in training settings

We are very excited about growing a Community of Practice for TBL in the training arena and
we look forward to working on this with those of you who train using TBL or would like to learn
more about how to!

If you would like to become involved, whether you have questions, or would like to share your
experiences, please email us at support@tblcadmin.org (subject line ‘TBL Training Community of