#TBLC20 Oral Presentations – Fundamentals Track

In an effort to still share with you the fruits of thousands of hours of research, writing and dedicated work, the TBLC Program Committee is happy to present the recordings of the slate of 2020 Oral Presentations. To view the presentations, visit https://teambasedlearning.site-ym.com/page/2020_orals. Abstracts are listed in one of three categories – Fundamentals, Innovation and Research & Scholarship.

Each category showcases work from educators around the globe implementing TBL in their own classrooms, both in-person and virtual. Presentations from the Fundamentals track include conclusions for novices to TBL to help them learn the essential skills to get a TBL program started at their own institution. An example might include an oral presentation on facilitation techniques or a poster on “How to Write Good Readiness Assurance Tests.”

A New and Diverse Interpretation of 4S: Size, Subject, Support,…and Siblings?
Lauren A. Vicker | Ellen F. Monk
St. John Fisher College | University of Delaware

TBL Jeopardy™ using White Boards or Turning Point Team Clickers for Creating Engaging Application Exercises and/or Exam Review Sessions
Jennifer Rene Courtney | John Cusick | Eugene Kreys | Suzanne Clark
California Northstate University College of Pharmacy

A Qualitative Analysis on the Effectiveness of Peer Feedback in Team-Based Learning (TBL)
Sarah Lerchenfeldt | Suzan ElSayed | Stephen Loftus | Gustavo Patino | David Thomas
Oakland University

We would like to thank all the authors who were able and willing to record their oral presentations to share with the wider audience of TBL educators. We hope you find their presentations insightful and useful to your practice.