TBLC – September Featured Members

Dan BrownDaniel (Dan) Brown, Pharm.D.

Daniel is a Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Director of Faculty Development at the Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy in West Palm Beach, Florida. He first implemented TBL in a clinical pharmacokinetics course in 2011, and has since completed 5 iterations of that course. He has mentored one trainer-consultant as part of the TBLC program and, as Director of Faculty Development, he has conducted numerous TBL workshops for faculty at his institution and other schools.

Daniel’s two TBL innovations are a “memory quiz” to help students learn critical factual information that is needed in problem-solving, and a “Take Home Points” slide that follows the discussion of every application exercise. Learn more about these innovations by following this link!


Alaa ShoushanAlaa Shoushan

Alaa is a year 5 medical student at Ras Al Khaimah Medical and Health Sciences University (RAKMHSU) in the United Arab Emirates. Her experience with TBL as a student has motivated Alaa to study the impact of TBL on medical students. Alaa is interested in implementing TBL within an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) format. Her proposal to do this is currently under consideration at RAKMHSU. Alaa is an author on the upcoming publication Impact and effectiveness of TBL methodology on MBBS students of RAKMHSU. In addition, she plans to expand upon this research by including additional study years, majors, and instructors.