TBLC – Featured Module: The Manager’s Job

This month’s featured module is The Manager’s Job. The Module was developed by Dr. Mark Harrison, reviewed, and published to the Resource Bank in the Winter of 2017. The Manager’s Job module was designed for a course in Management at a liberal arts college. The primary focus is on critical thinking and communication skills, which have priority over technical knowledge and skills. The course serves as part of a broader effort to do Writing Across the Curriculum. This module is traditionally taught in small sections of 15 – 20 students of traditional age. These students have negligible prior exposure to Management, but they have read Harrison (2012) Note on Decision Cases Situation Analysis.

The Module focuses on three learning goals. The Learning Goals are:

  • Think critically and analytically; communicate clearly (both orally and in writing)
  • Apply managerial theories to realistic business situations; specifically, to apply Mintzberg’s ‘ten roles of a manager’ to the situation of Jessica Gonon in the case “Mommy-Track Backlash”.
  • Perform a situation analysis on a realistic management situation and make a reasoned recommendation for a course of action.

The Manager’s Job module includes a nine question RAT and two Application Exercises.

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