TBLC – Featured Module: Cellular Membranes and Membrane Transporters

This month’s featured module is Cellular Membranes and Membrane Transporters. The Module was developed by Dr. Ruth Vinall, reviewed, and published to the Resource Bank in the Fall of 2016. The Cellular Membranes and Membrane Transporters module was designed for a course in a Biochemistry and Cell & Molecular Biology course. The is a foundational course that is taught to an average of 120 pharmacy students during the first year/first semester of their 4 year PharmD program. The majority of students are bio majors. This is one of 23 TBL modules in a one semester 5 unit course.

The Module focuses on five learning goals. The Learning Goals are:

  • Describe the key differences in structure and function of transporters, ion channels, and aquaporins.
  • Explain why transporters and ion channels are essential for cell function and survival.
  • Compare and contrast the properties of different types of membrane transporters and how this impacts function.
  • Discuss how dysfunction of membrane transporters can result in diseases and disorders.
  • Utilize knowledge of membrane transporters to select appropriate therapeutic targets and interventions.

The Cellular Membranes and Membrane Transporters module includes a seven question RAT and one three-part Application Exercise.

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