TBLC – Educational Development Committee Activities Update

The Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC) would like to offer information and updates on all of the committees that help make the TBLC what it is. This month, we’d like to present our Educational Development Committee and describe what it does for the organization.

The Educational Development Committee (EDC) is responsible for obtaining, evaluating, developing, and disseminating TBL best practices and materials about TBL for use by the TBLC membership. This includes the evaluation of materials used for the “TBL 101” and “Designing an Effective TBL Module” pre-conference workshops ahead of the Annual TBLC and IAMSE Meetings, as well as TBLC-sponsored regional fly-in workshops each fall. Over the past two years, the EDC has been building a repository of materials used to meet the objectives of these workshops and identifying TBLC Certified Trainer-Consultants to facilitate these sessions.

Additionally, at each Annual TBLC Meeting, the EDC reviews the poster session research to identify presenters who are willing to author a “TBL Tip” for inclusion in the TBLC Newsletter. The committee specifically looks for content it considers to be of general interest to the TBLC membership and works with the authors to distill and format their work. Typically 3-4 “TBL Tips” are published annually.

If you have any questions about the Educational Development Committee or its role in supporting the TBLC, please contact Danielle Inscoe (TBLC Account Manager) at Danielle@tblcadmin.org.