List of TBLC Practitioners

The TBLC conducts an accreditation program for trainers and mentors in Team-Based Learning. The Practitioner Certification is designed for those who are skilled in the development of TBL modules and experienced in facilitation using the TBL strategy. It is expected that practitioners have a good grasp of the fundamentals of TBL, have developed complete TBL module(s), implemented a peer evaluation process, and have documented evaluation of your modules and facilitation skills.

The following individuals have completed all requirements for the Practitioner program.

Practitioners in Asia:

  • Liu Hua – China
  • Brian O’Dwyer – Singapore
  • Foo Lean Heong – Singapore

Practitioners in Europe:

  • Steve Cayzer – United Kingdom

Practitioners in the United States:

  • Brooke Shannon – Arizona
  • Ragi George – California
  • Stephen Schneid – California
  • Neal Carter – Idaho
  • Cortny Williams – Oregon
  • May Abdelaziz – Texas
  • Jessica Craig – Texas
  • Brooke Nodeland – Texas
  • Osama Shoair – Texas

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