TBL Consultant – Rebecca Orr

Rebecca Orr, Ph.D.
Professor of Biology
Collin College

Discipline: Biology

Email: rorr@collin.edu

Rebecca Orr is a Professor of Biology at Collin College in Plano, Texas. Prior to this appointment, she served as an instructor at Washington State University Vancouver and Concordia University-Portland where she taught a variety of freshman through senior level courses. Her passion is investigating strategies that increase student success in the majors introductory biology classroom, and she enjoys focusing on the creation of active learning opportunities that both engage and challenge students. Much of Dr. Orr’s efforts are spent incorporating technology into the lecture portion of the course through a variety of means and analyzing how various strategies and technologies impact student learning. As a TBLC-Certified Trainer-Consultant, she is working with other faculty at Collin in moving their courses from a traditional lecture format to TBL. Dr. Orr earned her Ph.D. in cell regulation at U.T. Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.