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TBLC 2021 Steering Committee Election Results

It is our pleasure to announce to you that we have two newly elected members of our Steering Committee. Thanks to all who participated in our recent election process. These new Steering Committee members will initiate their terms immediately.

William Ofstad
West Coast University

Member-at-Large: K-12
Christopher Parrish
University of South Alabama

Please join us in congratulating our new Steering Committee members as they join our continuing efforts to make TBLC a leader in promoting the understanding and evolution of TBL across the educational community. We’d also like to extend a sincere thank you to Michael Nelson (Past President) and Lauren Brannan (Member-at-Large: K-12), who will be leaving office, and Michelle Farland, who will be stepping into the role of Past President, for their service to TBLC.

2020 TBLC Election Slate Now Online

I am pleased to present the Nominating Committee’s slate of candidates for the 2020 election of members for the Steering Committee of the Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC). In accordance with our bylaws, the committee has delivered these names and supporting materials for posting to our website. I now invite you to review the individuals and their qualifications. Click here to view the slate.

This information will remain posted throughout the month of June, and on July 1st an electronic ballot will be activated. At that time, TBLC members in good standing will be invited to select one (1) nominee for Treasurer (2-year term) and one (1) nominee for Member-At-Large: Higher Education (3-year term).

Write-in candidates will be accepted until Friday, June 19th. To qualify for nomination by petition, each candidate must have the support of at least 15 TBLC members in good standing. All petitions and letters must be addressed to and received by support@tblcadmin.org on or before midnight Eastern Time (GMT-5).
Thank you,
Julie K. Hewett, CMP, CAE
TBLC Association Manager