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Last chance to register for the 2017 TBLC Regional Workshop – September 30th

Time is running out if you’d like to register for the 2017 TBLC Regional Workshop in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday, September 30th. Amy Lin, Abbas Hyderi, and Hugh Clements-Jewery will be presenting.

This all day session will offer 2 workshops:

TBL 101

This is the single best introduction to TBL. It is conducted in a TBL format, participants must prepare ahead, take an IRAT, and engage actively with their assigned team members. The structure, process, and essential characteristics of an effective TBL module are emphasized.

Creating an Effective TBL Module

This workshop is for educators who have completed the introductory workshop on Team-Based Learning™ – TBL 101. The entire workshop is conducted in a TBL format and there is an advance assignment.

To register today, please click here. We look forward to seeing you there!