Recent Projects

Members of the Team-Based Learning Collaborative demonstrate a real interest in research, and the collaborative provides a competitive research funding program.


  • Nutrition and Culinary Skills in First Year Osteopathic Medical Students (Researchers from California Health Sciences University)
  • Remote ‘Face-To-Face’ Team-Based Learning Using Extended Reality (Researchers from California Health Sciences University)
  • The use of team-based learning to enhance health professional student learning in the affective domain within the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum (Researchers from Chapman University School of Pharmacy)
  • Providing an Interactive, Inclusive Team-Based Learning Pedagogy in a Hybrid Platform (Researchers from Regis University School of Pharmacy)


  • Impacts on Team-Based Learning: Correlations between psychological safety, student attitude, and team success in an undergraduate biomedical sciences curriculum (researchers from University of Alabama at Birmingham)
  • Teammate Relationships formed in TBL classes provide enduring benefits (researchers from New Mexico State University)
  • A Mixed Methods Investigation of the Team Cohesion/Performance Relationship across the Semester in Team-Based Learning Teams (researchers from Towson University)
  • Switching Team Membership: Academic Consequences and Acceptability to Students (researchers from Central Michigan University)


  • Developing Student Leadership Competency Through Team-Based Learning (researchers from Dominican University)
  • Team collaboration: the importance of self and peer review within the TBL process (researchers from the University of Sydney)
  • Integrating Team-based Learning in Improving Technical Writing Skill for STEM Students (researchers from University of South Alabama)


  • A Qualitative Analysis on the Effectiveness of Peer Feedback in Team-Based Learning (researchers from Oakland University)
  • Patterns of collaborative dialogue in TBL teams of undergraduate medical and pharmacy students (researchers from The Netherlands and the United Kingdom)
  • The RAPsody of Virtual Reality Team-Based Learning (researchers from The University of Texas at Tyler)


  • Development and Preliminary Validation of the Team-Based Learning Student Outcomes Measure (TBL-SOM) (researchers from University of Alabama at Birmingham)


  • Get Out of the Lecture Hall! Assessment of Student Learning and Communication Skills Moving from Lecture to Team Based Learning (researchers from University of Arizona, College of Medicine – Phoenix)
  • Quality Indicators in TBL Application Activities (researchers from University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy)
  • Team-Based Learning in Communication Courses for Accounting Graduates: Investigating Student Engagement, Accountability, and Satisfaction (researchers from Temple University)


  • A structured faculty review process within Team-Based Learning Peer Feedback/Evaluation: Impact on student team dynamics and quality of narrative feedback (researchers from Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine)
  • A Hybrid Approach: Effectiveness of an Interprofessional Patient Safety/Quality Care Team-Based Learning Simulation Experience on In-Training Healthcare Professionals (researchers from Stony Brook University Medical Center)
  • Impact of Teamwork Skills Training on Teamwork Quality in Team-Based Learning (TBL) Setting (researchers from Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, NUS Singapore)