Interested in Earning a TBLC Certification?

The TBLC offers a 3-tiered certification process for educators: (1) Fundamentals, (2) Practitioner, and (3) Trainer-Consultant. These are described below. Further information and costs are available at

To obtain the Fundamentals Certification, educators must attend five (5) workshops that are essential to laying the foundation for applying a team-based learning strategy.

Workshops are offered in person at the annual conference and virtually by CognaLearn using InteDashbaord Software. The next series will be this June.  Click here for details!

The Practitioner Certification is designed for those who have or are in the process of developing TBL modules. With the help of an assigned mentor, candidates complete a portfolio that illustrates their achievement of 4 key competencies: Knowledge of TBL, Design & delivery of a classic TBL module; Implementation of peer evaluation, and Effective facilitation skills.

The Trainer-Consultant Certification is designed for members of the TBLC who have achieved practitioner certification and are now actively mentoring others to develop their own TBL modules. Candidates will be assigned a mentor and complete a portfolio that illustrates their successful delivery of TBL training workshops and effective mentoring of other educators in the application of TBL. *It’s highly recommended that you complete the Practitioner Certification prior to beginning the Trainer-Consultant Certification.

For more information on TBL Certifications and costs, please visit our website.