ETBLC Board – Nomy Dickman

Dr. Nomy Dickman, received her Ph.D from the Technion, Faculty of Education in
Science and Technology. In 2012, she joined the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine,
Bar-Ilan University, Israel, as Head of the Unit for Development and Evaluation of
Education. Her areas of expertise include enhancing faculty teaching skills,
professionalizing faculty assessments of students, developing and administering
teaching surveys, and developing workshops and courses in medical education.
She advanced the implementation of active learning teaching methods in the pre-
clinical program and during the clinical clerkships. Dr. Dickman is co-developer
and co-coordinator of the Medical Doctor as a Teacher Elective course and of the
Near-Peer-Teaching program in Anatomy

Dr. Dickman is also involved in various international educational initiatives as part
of the Erasmus+ Program and hosts many international educators who come to Bar-
Ilan University to share knowledge in education. In 2018, Dr. Dickman was
appointed the representative of the European Team-Based Learning Community in
Israel and the European Representative on the Global Membership Committee of
the Team-Based Leaning Collaborative.

In 2020, Dr. Dickman Co-edited with Prof. Schuster the book Active Education for Future
. Springer International Publishing.  Springer.
In chapter 4 you can read about TBL.

Prior to joining the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine, she worked for numerous years in
institutions of higher education as a lecturer, training teachers and teacher educators
in areas of didactics, evaluation and research.