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Call for Workshop Abstracts for the #TBLC24 Annual Meeting

The Team-Based Learning Collaborative extends a warm invitation to join them for their 23rd annual meeting, to be held early March 2024. We are planning an exciting in-person meeting filled with engaging sessions and plenty of networking opportunities. Abstracts are currently welcomed for workshops and we encourage you to submit!

Meeting participants are invited to submit abstracts for live, in-person workshops in one of two categories: innovations/applications or scholarship/research. Although we are still in the midst of meeting planning, we request that you be available between 8AM and 3PM ET during the meeting to facilitate a live, in-person session. All workshops should be in the TBL format or at a minimum include team applications. An iRAT and tRAT are optional but recommended.

Proposals for workshops must be submitted by September 15, 2023.

As a reminder, the call for Poster & Oral abstracts will be opening in September and will have a deadline of October 15, 2023. If you have any questions or problems with your abstract submission, please send them to

Level Up Your Teaching By Joining the TBLC!

Do you know any TBLers who aren’t yet TBLC Members? Here are six reasons they should join TBLC!

  1. Access to the Resource Portal – The TBLC Resource Portal contains member-submitted, peer-reviewed modules to help support your teaching and instruction in a range of disciplines.
  2. Discounted registration for the Annual Meeting and Mid-Year Virtual Forum – Being a TBLC member saves you money when registering for the Annual Meeting and for the Mid-Year Virtual Forum.
  3. Real-life tips, tricks and best practices for TBL online – TBLC members came together during the crisis of COVID-19 and created a collection of articles, blogs and tips to share the technology or resources they use to make sure the three phases of TBL are present in online modules. These curated collections are available now on the member’s only page here and here.
  4. Access to an extensive bibliography of TBL research – The TBLC maintains a bibliography of TBL research papers that only our members have access to.
  5. News, resources and information valuable to TBLers – Any time there is new information or news that might interest educators using Team-Based Learning, TBLC will let their members know! 
  6. Monthly Social Hour and Networking Events exclusively for members – We invite you to join us on the second Wednesday of each month for the TBL Social Hour, a virtual round table discussion where you control the conversations. And the best part is these sessions are completely FREE for TBLC members!

Joining TBLC is easy! Visit the TBLC website today at and click “Join Now!” under the “Be a Member” heading!

Save the Date! TBLC 2023 Mid-Year Virtual Forum

The Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC) invites all educators to attend the 2023 TBLC Mid-Year Virtual Forum on October 13, 2023, where we will explore the theme of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Team-Based Learning. This online event, hosted by the TBLC, will offer attendees a chance to learn from and interact with experts and peers on how AI can enhance and transform your teaching and learning practices. You will also enjoy a variety of engaging sessions, including a keynote presentation, interactive TBL-style workshops, and a lively panel discussion of the emerging opportunities and challenges that AI brings to education and training.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, collaborate, and innovate with us. Save the date and stay tuned for more details!

TBLC APC Sharing Session: Does TBL Improve Student Engagement and Outcomes in a PBL-Based Medical Course?

TBLC would like to invite you to join us this Wednesday/Thursday for the TBLC APC Sharing Session, a virtual round table discussion where you control the conversations. And the best part is these sessions are completely FREE for TBLC members!

July 13, 2023, at 9 AM SGT (9PM EDT on July 12, 2AM BST on July 13)
Does TBL Improve Student Engagement and Outcomes in a PBL-Based Medical Course? led by Bronwen Dalziel
Medical schools often utilize either a problem-based learning (PBL) or a team-based learning (TBL) curriculum approach to teach pre-clinical students. The Western Sydney University medical program is currently a PBL approach, however, they wished to use TBL in the course at the point where students are transitioning from pre-clinical learning to clinical learning environments to better prepare them for the diversity of cases they encounter in their clinical years.

In PBL, students get the opportunity to apply their newly found knowledge in the context of only one clinical case. By the end of their second year of PBL-style tutorials, students are disengaged with the pedagogy and also sometimes demonstrate limited ability to apply their learning to different clinical scenarios outside of the scope of their PBL case study. The structure of TBL better allows students to actively apply their knowledge to a large range of problems and case studies and discover gaps in their learning.

Therefore, in order to promote students who are independent learners that are good at problem-solving and transferring their knowledge across a variety of clinical scenarios, they created a modified version of TBL called “clinical classrooms”. Students value time with research scientists and clinicians and these clinical classroom tutorials have been a valuable steppingstone for students toward clinical attachments, as they complete their pre-clinical learning.

TBLC Virtual Social Hour: Hosts Needed
Did you know one added benefit to your TBLC Membership is a standing invitation to participate in our monthly virtual social hours? And better yet, you are invited to HOST a social hour on a TOPIC OF YOUR CHOICE. These casual, hour-long sessions are designed to bring the TBLC community together to discuss topics we all care about (facilitation, lessons learned and trends from the TBLC meeting, peer evaluation, and more)! PLEASE VOLUNTEER to lead a social hour and share your knowledge with the TBLC community.

We look forward to seeing you this week!


TBLC Practitioners & Trainer-Consultants Class of 2023

We would like to extend our congratulations to 8 individuals who have completed all requirements to become either a TBLC Certified Practitioner or Trainer-Consultant over the last year. The graduates in 2023 are: Practitioner Paul CondonTessa MilmanMaya NairDavid O’HanlonLishan YangFoo Yang YannTrainer-ConsultantNeal CarterFoo Lean HeongOur new Practitioners all took the next step to consolidate their implementation of TBL and enhance their practice with the support of experts in our community. They each successfully evidenced their competency in the core knowledge and activities of an effective TBL educator through a practical process that encourages reflection and development.

The award of Trainer-Consultant is for colleagues who have developed expertise and who are now influencing and supporting the professional practice of others in TBL. It is both a demonstration of their commitment to improving teaching and learning and an acknowledgment of their impact in this area.

Please join me in celebrating the achievements of our class of 2023!

If you would like to explore how our certifications can support your professional development and career aspirations, please get in touch by emailing or vising the TBLC Certifications page.

Register Now for the June Fundamentals Series

The Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC), in collaboration with InteDashboard, is again offering a unique online opportunity to complete all five courses required for the Knowledge of the Fundamentals of TBL certification. The TBL Fundamentals Series begins Tuesday, June 6, 2023, at 9:00 PM Eastern and continues through June 20.

What are the workshops included in the series?

  • Fundamental Principles and Practices of TBL presented Tuesday, June 6
  • Evaluating MCQs for Readiness Assurance Tests and Application Activities presented Thursday, June 8
  • Peer Evaluation and Team Development presented Tuesday, June 13
  • Improving Facilitation Skills for a TBL presented Thursday, June 15
  • Creating an Effective TBL Module presented Tuesday, June 20
June Series Info

Key Takeaways from the Fundamentals Series

  • Learn about the essentials of the TBL process
  • Learn how to convert non-TBL course material into a TBL format
  • Identify common errors and barriers during TBL module development and learn how to overcome them
  • Improve your TBL facilitation skills by adopting the key characteristics of effective facilitators
  • Develop insights into online TBL
  • How to improve student teamwork for learning effectiveness and engagement
  • Collaborate with a diverse group of global educators

Learning objectives for each of the workshops can be found at the TBL Fundamental Series site here.

The five online courses offer the same quality content as the face-to-face workshop series, with the added bonus of learning from educators from around the globe. Taught in TBL style, these courses will show attendees effective TBL delivery in the online environment while they build upon their own professional development.

For more information, and to register, click here.

Judith Ainsworth and William Ofstad Win TBLC 2023 Best Paper Awards


During the recent 2023 business meeting at the annual meeting, we recognized two papers that stood out among the rest. In an effort to recognize excellence and innovation in advancing Team-Based Learning through research and scholarly publications, two papers were awarded top honors in the following categories:

Research Category
Dr. Judith Ainsworth
Team-Based Learning in professional writing courses for accounting graduates: positive impacts on student engagement, accountability and satisfaction

Judith Ainsworth. Accounting Education, 30:3, 234-257 (2021).

Scholarship Category
Dr. William Ofstad
Finding balance: Offering a systematic method to explore the influence of technology on team-based learning

William Ofstad and Yuwei Wang, Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning. 13;11:1393-1397 (2021).

Winning articles were published in a peer-reviewed journal in the last two calendar years (2021 to 2023), are consistent with the entire TBL process, and align with the mission of the TBLC.

#TBLC23 Featured Workshop: Exceptions ARE the Rule: Defining Learner Types for HyFlex Design Adaptations

With the 2023 TBLC Meeting just around the corner, we would like to bring attention to one of our featured workshops: Exceptions ARE the Rule: Defining Learner Types for HyFlex Design Adaptations. This session will be presented by Michelle Colarelli and Reesie Roland. We hope you enjoy this session!

Exceptions ARE the Rule: Defining Learner Types for HyFlex Design Adaptations
Presented by: Michelle Colarelli – University of Colorado at Anschutz Medical Campus
Reesie Roland – University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Date & Time: Monday, March 13, 2023, 1:15 PM – 3:00 PM Eastern

The pandemic has required educators to adapt their pedagogies, methodologies, and learning environments suddenly and gradually. We have learned that a ‘One Size Fits All’ approaches often yields ‘One Size Fits None’ realities. The on-going challenge is to design simultaneously for in-person, online, synchronous, and asynchronous learners to provide flexibility for all learners to participate actively.

Please note that registration will be closing on March 1. On-site registration will be available in Orlando, Florida. We hope you enjoy this and our other exciting workshops.

Online Registration for #TBLC23 Closes March 1

The Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC) invites all educators to attend our 22nd Annual Meeting on Team-Based Learning scheduled for March 11-14, 2023 at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida, USA. “Engagement with TBL” will be the central theme for the meeting. Share this email with your colleagues and get them involved with TBL! Online registration will be closing on March 1, however on-site registration will be available in Orlando. 

The TBLC 2023 Annual Meeting is an opportunity for those just starting out with TBL. We will be offering the Fundaments of TBL workshop series, which teaches the basics and best practices of TBL. We will also be offering twelve workshops after the Fundamentals series that will allow both new and seasoned practitioners to build upon their approach to TBL. Click here for the full schedule! 

If you have any questions about the program of the TBLC 2023 Annual Meeting, please reach out to We hope to see you in Orlando!

#TBLC23 Featured Workshop: Engaging in TBL to Cultivate Inclusiveness in Academia

With the 2023 TBLC Meeting just around the corner, we would like to bring attention to one of our featured workshops: Engaging in TBL to Cultivate Inclusiveness in Academia. This session will be presented by Stefanie Carter, Daniel Griffin, and Suzan Kamel-ElSayed. We hope you enjoy this session!

Title: Engaging in TBL to Cultivate Inclusiveness in Academia
Presented by: Stefanie Carter – Nova Southeastern University
Daniel Griffin – Nova Southeastern University Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine
Suzan Kamel-ElSayed – Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
Date & Time: Monday, March 13, 2023, 8:00 AM – 9:45 AM Eastern

Click on the video above for an exclusive feature of this session!

The definition of inclusiveness widely ranges relative to the context in which it is being used. When referring to academia, it can be impactful toward initiatives including, but not limited to, restructuring of academic programs, shaping new pedagogical approaches, modifying hiring practices and revising university policies. Educators and learners carry with them their own life experiences and implicit biases that can impact their interactions, perceptions, and decision-making. Professional environments are rapidly evolving to address equitable academic practices. Inclusive and equitable practices in academia can take many forms, but there is still much to be done while striving to address the needs of learners with varying backgrounds, characteristics, abilities, and needs. Without careful consideration, initiatives can be insufficient, or worse could have unintended negative results. This workshop aims to introduce TBL that is designed to allow participants to actively engage with different exercises related to inclusiveness and to have the opportunity to learn from and share their own experiences with others.

We hope you enjoy this and our other exciting workshops.