Benefits of Membership

There are significant benefits to joining:

  • You have access to the resource bank to support teaching and instruction in a range of disciplines
  • When you join, you will have the opportunity to be matched with a new TBLC membership guide. Guides have experience with TBL and can provide advice for those getting started with TBL. Guides can also help new members get to know the TBLC and the many opportunities it provides for learning and growing with TBL.
  • You gain access to TBLC Trainer-Consultants by location who are members of our international network of accredited trainers and mentors in Team-Based Learning
  • You can explore a significant bibliography of research papers in the field of Team-Based Learning
  • You can become a part of a regional group – The TBLC now has two regional groups, one in Europe and one in the Asia-Pacific region, that are helping to develop materials and promote TBL in their respective regions.
  • You can contribute to the life and development of the Collaborative and work with interesting and inspired educators and researchers
  • TBLC members have access to three levels of certification to enhance and elevate their TBL practice: Knowledge of the Fundamentals of TBL, Practitioner of TBL and Trainer-Consultant of TBL.
  • Members also have access to join any of three existing Communities of Practice: Research and Scholarship, TBL for Training and TBL Online.
    • Research and Scholarship Community of Practice
      A portal where members can register research and scholarship ideas and build collaborative teams to generate research output.
    • TBL for Training Community of Practice
      Many TBL practitioners are integrating TBL into training in ways which preserve and implement the essential elements of TBL. It has become clear that TBL is well-suited to the training environment and since so many occupations involve regular, career-long training, the potential for integrating TBL into training is extensive and exciting.
    • TBL Online Community of Practice
      As more programs begin to use the online platform to teach important concepts, faculty are becoming more interested in learning how to integrate TBL into the online learning environment.  For the success of online TBL, the instructor needs to follow the TBL principles. A number of TBL practitioners have been developing methods for implementing TBL approaches for online delivery.

If you have any questions about membership, please let us know at