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#TBLC24 Welcomes Plenary Speaker Dr. Matthew Fete!

The 23rd Annual TBLC Conference is just around the corner, and we would like you to get to know our plenary sessions! We have two presentations this year and we hope you enjoy each. The first plenary address will be given by Dr. Matthew Fete, Dean and Professor of Pharmaceutical Studies at the Chicago State University College of Pharmacy, where TBL is used extensively.

Plenary: Growing Through Team Based Learning: The Benefits Beyond Content Mastery for Learners and Facilitators
Date and Time:
 Sunday, March 3, 2024 at 5:00 PM CST
Presented by: Dr. Matthew Fete, PhD
College of Pharmacy, Chicago State University (USA)

Team-Based Learning (TBL) has been shown to be an effective pedagogy for motivating students to be prepared to engage material at an applied level; to attend classes and participate in their team’s success, and to enhance critical thinking skills.

However, the benefits beyond content delivery for TBL facilitators and content mastery for learners are substantial. Intentionality in the team formation process, student readiness assurance, team-based application of material to solve complex problems, and peer evaluation prepare everyone involved in a TBL course to grow beyond the material.

TBL prepares individuals to succeed outside of the classroom. This session will explore how individuals “Grow Through Team Based Learning” to be better prepared to solve real world problems in the communities they serve and as they grow as professionals.

We hope you enjoy what we are sure will be a very engaging plenary discussion. Register for the conference today!

Earn Your TBL Fundamentals Certificate at #TBLC24!

The TBLC 2024 Annual Conference will be held at Collin College in McKinney, Texas, from March 2-5, 2024! Once again for the in-person conference is the opportunity to take all five courses required for the Knowledge of the Fundamentals of TBL certificate program! Beginning on Saturday morning, attendees will have the opportunity to complete the program from start to finish and leave the conference certified in facilitating TBL! 

What are the workshops included in the series?

  • Fundamental Principles and Practices of TBL
  • Evaluating MCQs for Readiness Assurance Tests and Application Activities
  • Team Dynamics and Peer Evaluation
  • Improving Facilitation Skills for a TBL Classroom
  • Creating an Effective TBL Module

Key Takeaways from the Fundamentals Series

  • Learn about the essentials of the TBL process
  • Learn how to convert non-TBL course material into a TBL format
  • Identify common errors and barriers during TBL module development and learn how to overcome them
  • Improve your TBL facilitation skills by adopting the key characteristics of effective facilitators
  • Develop insights into online TBL
  • How to improve student teamwork for learning effectiveness and engagement
  • Collaborate with a diverse group of global educators

Taught in TBL style, these courses will show attendees effective TBL delivery in a live environment while they build upon their own professional development. If you attend this TBLC-sponsored workshop series – your certificate will be sent to you automatically! 

Can’t attend the entire conference but want to take the Fundamentals Series workshops and earn the certificate? No problem! Registration for the conference is not required to attend the pre-conference Fundamentals courses. For more information, and to register, click here

Interested in Earning a TBLC Certification?

The TBLC offers a 3-tiered certification process for educators: (1) Fundamentals, (2) Practitioner, and (3) Trainer-Consultant. These are described below. Further information is available at and clicking on Resources.

To obtain the Fundamentals Certification, educators must attend five (5) workshops that are essential to laying the foundation for applying a team-based learning strategy.

All five Fundamentals workshops will be available at the TBLC 2024 Annual Conference. Click here for details!

Can’t make it to the TBLC 2024 Conference? InteDashbaord will be offering the Fundamentals series virtually this June. Click here for details!

The Practitioner Certification is designed for those who are skilled in the development of TBL modules and experienced in facilitation using the TBL strategy.

The Trainer-Consultant Certification is designed for members of the TBLC who have achieved practitioner certification and are now actively mentoring others to develop their own TBL modules. *It’s highly recommended that you complete the Practitioner Certification prior to beginning the Trainer-Consultant Certification.

For more information on TBL Certification please visit our website.