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Disclaimer: We are not in total agreement with some opinions and advice that appears in some of these videos. Many people do group work and call it Team-Based Learning and what they are doing in the classroom may bear little resemblance to TBL best practices. They are ALL presented for your consideration.

Where to Start?

Start by viewing the Introduction to Team-Based Learning from the University of Texas at Austin and then view Larry Michaelsen's The Differences between Groups and Teams

Introduction to TBL
University of Texas

The Differences
between Groups
and Teams
Larry Michealsen

What is TBL?

What do TBL Students say?
What do TBL Instructors say?
TBL Components
IAMSE 2010 Webinar Series
TBLC 2008 Webinar Series
TBL Conference 2007 Proceedings

What is TBL™?

Introduction to TBL
University of Texas

Orienting Students
to TBL
Larry Michaelsen

Establishing a climate of open dialogue

Larry Michaelsen


Larry Michaelsen

Questions for Designing Learning Actviities

Larry Michaelsen

Giving A Practice Readiness Assurance Test
Larry Michaelsen

Setting Grade

Larry Michaelsen

Using The Readniess Assurance Process

Larry Michaelsen

Running Application Exercises

Larry Michaelsen

Assessing Course and Team Effectiveness at midterm
Larry Michaelsen

 Differences between groups and teams

Larry Michaelsen

to TBL
Larry Michaelsen

Introduction to TBL
Larry Michaelsen
Educause Webinar

 TBL with Ferhan Sagin (Turkish)  
What do TBL™ Students say?

Veterinary Clinical Pathology
State University

Mechanical Enginnering
University of British Columbia

Faculty of
University of Sharjah
What Do TBL™ Instructors say?

L-Jay Fine
Recreation Admin
Cal State, Fresno

Collen Grochowski
Medical School
Duke University

Caroline Macke
Social Work

Nancy Youdelman
Art and Design
Cal State,

Debbie Kemp
Business Law
Northern Kentucky

Kristen Hessler
Adoption Rationale
SUNY Albany

Kristen Hessler
Comparison of Outcomes
SUNY Albany

Kristen Hessler
Creating and Using RAP's
SUNY Albany

Kristen Hessler
Semester Reflection
SUNY Albany

Kristen Hessler
Redesign Process
SUNY Albany

Kristen Hessler
Student Reactions
SUNY Albany

Learning School of Pharmacy
at VCU

Martha Vungkhanching
Social Work

Cal State, Fresno
TBL™ Components

Mech 223 RAP
University of
British Columbia

Introducing Staff to TBL
University of Sydney

TBL: A Tutors Perspective
University of Sydney

TBL: Back Office Adminstration
University of Sydney

Readiness Assurance
in Class

University of Sydney

TBL: The Teaching Team
University of Sydney

Simulated RAP
University of New Hamsphire

Simulated TBL
Application Activity
University of New Hamsphire


IAMSE 2010 Webinar Series

TBL 101
Where to begin
Larry Michaesen

Voices of Experience - Adopting TBL to your Course

Peer Evaluation
The Keys
to Success

Writing TBL

12 Tips for Creating a Good TBL Course

Research in
Team-Based Learning

TBLC 2008 Wimba Series

TBL Online
Sunay Palsole

University of Texas

TBL Online
Carolyn Awalt

University of Texas

Community Questions
and Answer Forum
Part 1

Community Questions and Answer Forum
Part 2

Course Talk
Pete Ostafichuk

Mechanical Engineering


TBL Conference 2007 - Vancouver, Canada

Understanding the TBL Divide: Examining the Similarities and Differences between Writing and Programming

Using Self and Peer Assessment
in the
Learning Process

Team-Based Learning and the Business Strategy Game used simultaneously in a Business Strategy Course; are the two compatible?

Implementing Team-Based Instructional Strategies
in Psychiatry Resident Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Training

Enhancing a Sim-Man Experience in Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology for First Year Medical Students through the Implementation of Team-based Learning

Making Student Thinking Visible: Strategies to create engaging
reportable classroom
team experiences

From Didactic to Team-Based
Learning: an exercise
in transformation

Team-based learning (TBL) in the medical school admissions process: A pilot and feasibility study.

Peer evaluation in TBL: A student-developed approach to the assessment of peer evaluation in medical education.

How to facilitate a
TBL workshop
at your own

Fine-tuning TBL Components to Teach Undergraduate

How Learning Theories Account for Group Development and Readiness Assurance: Applications of Piaget, Vygotsky and Bandura

Utilizing Team Based Learning in Nursing Education: How do you incorporate peer evaluation into assessment?

Team-Based Learning with a
Faculty Learning Community

Standing on Our Heads: How Teaching Engineering Design Looks Different from a Team-Based Learning Perspective

Stepping it Up: Combining Team-Based Learning and Critical Thinking Strategies to Increase Student Thinking Skills in College Courses

To Adopt
or Not Adopt
Team-based Learning
A Diffusion of

An Interdisciplinary Course in Spirituality and Clinical Care: Comparing Team-Based Learning Strategies with Lecture and Standardized Patient Scenarios

Team-Based Testing:
A Computer System
Lighten the Load

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