The Collaborative

Overview: The Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC) is a non-profit, volunteer supported organization which encourages the use of Team-Based Learning (TBL).  TBL is a process that dramatically shifts the focus of classroom time from conveying course concepts by the instructor to application of course concepts by student teams. The components of TBL are adaptable to many situations and special resources, making it a practical solution to teaching outside the box.

Vision: The Team-Based Learning Collaborative is a leading catalyst for transforming and supporting education through Team-Based Learning at all levels and in all fields.

Mission: The mission of the Team-Based Learning Collaborative is to promote the understanding and evolution of Team-Based Learning across the educational community.

Membership: Membership is available per subscription to the TBLC and is open to all educators with an interest in Team-Based Learning.   Annual membership gives the educator access to TBL web resources and discounts.