#TBLC23 Featured Workshop

The TBLC Module Resource Portal: Explore its Hidden Treasures

With the 2023 TBLC Meeting just around the corner, we would like to bring attention to one of our featured workshops: The TBLC Module Resource Portal: Explore its Hidden Treasures. This session will be presented by Caroline Wilson. We hope you enjoy this session!

Title: The TBLC Module Resource Portal: Explore its Hidden Treasures
Presented by: Caroline Wilson – Chapman University
Date & Time: Monday, March 13, 2023, 1:15 PM – 3:00 PM Eastern

Click on the video above for an exclusive feature of this session!

TBLC members from multiple academic disciplines have published complete learning lessons, known as modules, in the online resource portal (TBLC members can access them by clicking the hyperlink: https://teambasedlearning.site-ym.com/page/resouce_portal). Currently, over 100 modules from 12 academic categories are available to registered members for download. TBL practitioners often access portal materials as they design their novel content. Still, they may be missing out on additional resources if they only explore their own area of expertise. A deep dive into the resource bank may allow TBLers to discover innovative, accessible approaches for learners of all disciplines and workplaces. In this workshop, we will explore the resource bank and then adapt part of your own module (learning objectives, prework, RATs or Application exercises) based on TBL best practices. The process for submission and publication of your completed module will also be reviewed so you may share your own “hidden treasures” with all collaborative members.

We hope you enjoy this and our other exciting workshops.