Abstract: Venue Space Selection for a Multi-Day Convention

Title: Venue Space Selection for a Multi-Day Convention

Authors: Eric D. Olson, PhD

Affiliations: Iowa State University

Primary author contact information: Eric Olson, PhD, Assistant Professor

Resources available with this module: iRAT/tRAT, application exercise, and facilitation notes

Abstract: This is a TBL module that is used in an “Introduction to Event Management” course as part of a required course for an Event Management major/minor at a large, land-grant university. This course is traditionally taught for first- and second-year students interested in event management. Most of the students have already declared Event Management as their major. Typically, enrollment in each course is around 120-140 students, and the course is delivered as a face-to-face course. This module is one out of six modules in a one semester course.

Target audience: Event Management Undergraduate Students