Abstract: Understanding Hypothalamic Osmosening Mechanisms

Title: Understanding Hypothalamic Osmosening Mechanisms and the Endocrine Effector Function of Vasopressin in the Homeostasis of Body Water Balance

Authors: Jaehwa Choi, PhD, and Jon Shuman, PhD

Affiliations: Mercer University School of Medicine

Primary author contact information: Jaehwa Choi, PhD, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Resources available with this module: iRAT/tRAT, application exercise, and facilitation notes

Abstract: This module is delivered in a Master’s level “Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics” course populated by 50 students seeking enhanced qualifications for application to professional programs. This is a five-credit, semester-long course that is a hybrid of lecture and TBL delivery formats. The course meets twice per week for 2 hours per session where five total TBL modules are interspersed with traditional lectures.

Target audience: Graduate students