Abstract: Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Analysis

Title: Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Analysis

Authors: Annetta Dolowitz, MPH, MSW

Affiliations: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Primary author contact information: Annetta Dolowitz, MPH, MSW, Adjunct Professor

Resources available with this module: iRAT/tRAT, application exercise, and facilitation notes

Abstract: This module will cover various readings and videos related to Strategic Planning and Strategic Management. You will explore in detail how leadership and strategic management and planning will make or break any business. We will explore how critical strategic planning and management are to nonprofits. You will see that there are challenges to creating a plan, especially depending on the size and the age of the nonprofit. You and your team will be creating a SWOT analysis for the Class NPO as well as for your Service Learning partners. Be sure to look for tips and best practices other NPOs offer. Clear understanding of conducting a strategic analysis will improve the quality of your midterm project proposals as well as your third reflection paper and final presentation centered around your Service Learning project.

Target audience: Nonprofit Organizational Management