Abstract: Health Assessment: Pulling it all Together!

Title: Health Assessment: Pulling it all Together!

Authors: Pam Johnson, DNP, RN

Affiliations: University of South Alabama

Primary author contact information: Pam Johnson, DNP, RN,  Associate Professor

Resources available with this module: iRAT/tRAT, application exercise, and facilitation notes

Abstract: This TBL module is used as a culminating learning activity in an undergraduate nursing health assessment course. These students are in their first semester of nursing classes (Junior year). These students will be entering the clinical setting the following semester, so they must have a strong foundation in health assessment skills. This course is taught every semester and there are anywhere from 50 – 130 students enrolled. Throughout the semester, content is taught based on body system (Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Abdomen, etc.) This module was created in order to plunge students into application of knowledge gained throughout the semester to complex clinical scenarios.

Target audience: Undergraduate nursing students