Abstract: Control Systems and Muscle Physiology

Title: Control Systems and Muscle Physiology

Authors: Shawn Simonson, Ed.D., C.S.C.S., ACSM EP-C

Affiliations: Boise State University

Primary author contact information: Shawn Simonson, Ed.D., C.S.C.S., ACSM EP-C, Professor

Resources available with this module: iRAT/tRAT, application exercise, and facilitation notes

Abstract: The students taking this course are Master’s student pursuing degrees in Exercise Science (thesis option) or Kinesiology (non-thesis option) with emphasis in one of three areas: 1) Biophysical, 2) Behavioral, and 3) Sociohistorical. This is their graduate exercise physiology course in which students with very little to quite extensive previous exposure to exercise physiology enroll. Some take this one semester course to meet their only science requirement while others take it as an introduction to more in-depth study. Class size ranges from 12 – 24 students.

The course is taught in one 3-hour block each week. In week one of a module, the first hour of this class is dedicated to the iRAT and tRAT, the second hour is typically the appeal process and discussing test particulars. The third hour is then filling in the blanks and discussing critical concepts from the module. At the conclusion of class, the problem, case study, is presented.

In the intervening week, teams work to determine the critical factors of the case and prepare arguments. During class in the second week, teams work together to synthesize their arguments and resolve the case. Teams are provided materials and time to prepare a 3′ x 4′ poster board presenting their case. Anonymous posters are displayed and a gallery walk ensues to review and grade team positions. The instructor facilitates a whole class discussion of the positions/posters and answer lingering questions.

This is the fourth (of 7) TBL module in the graduate exercise physiology course. Nutrition, metabolism, and aerobic activity have already been covered.

The module covers muscle physiology.

Target audience: Graduate students