TBLC – October Featured Members

Hugh Clements-JeweryHugh Clements-Jewery

Hugh is currently an assistant professor of physiology at West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM); his field of instruction is physiology, with a specialty in respiratory and renal physiology. Hugh has been a TBL practitioner since 2008, when he implemented TBL into the WVSOM Medical Physiology course. When WVSOP transitioned to an integrated curriculum, Hugh helped lead the process of implementing TBL throughout the first two years of courses. As a leader in this process, Hugh served a resource for TBL implementation and, as a member of the TBL review committee, provided feedback and assessment on TBL materials. As a result, Hugh has experience with mentoring colleagues through the provision of constructive feedback. Hugh’s TBL innovation is to create application exercises that have an element of open-ended response while preserving the 4S principle recommended for application exercises. For an example of this innovation, follow this link!


Judy CurreyJudy Currey

Judy is a critical care nursing specialist In the Faculty of Health at Deakin University, located in Melbourne, Australia and teaches large classes in a postgraduate critical care program. Judy chairs the TBLC Scholarship Committee. Judy is a graduate of the first cohort of TBLC Trainer/Consultants. In 2009, she pioneered TBL in health education at the university level in Australia; TBL has now been adopted in her university in a variety of undergraduate programs. Judy is a “TBL purist; she believes that the “essential” TBL energizes and inspires educators to do the best they can and results in high levels of student engagement and commitment to learning. Her publications have focused on nurse attitudes and engagement with TBL, the impact of TBL on learning styles, teamwork behaviors and clinical practice, as well as hospital educator perceptions of TBL on clinical performance. Follow this link for more information.