TBLC – March Featured Resource

This month’s featured module is the Personality in Sport and Exercise module. The Module was developed by Dr. Karla Kubtiz, reviewed, and published to the Resource Bank in the Fall of 2015. The Personality in Sport and Exercise module was designed for an undergraduate course for students majoring in Physical Education/Teacher
Education, Athletic Training, and/or Sport Management as well as a free elective for all students.

The Module focuses on four learning goals. The Learning Goals are:

  1. Identify the dimensions, the levels, and the personality characteristics of the Martens model of personality.
  2. Classify statements illustrating various personality characteristics (i.e., beliefs, personality traits, and personality states) according to their levels in the Martens model of personality.
  3. Decide which of several sentences in a case study best illustrates a selected personality characteristic in the Martens model of personality.
  4. Use correlational data to decide which of several personality characteristics in the Martens model of personality would be the most problematic/most important to change.

The Personality in Sport and Exercise module includes a five question RAT and three Application Exercises.

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