TBLC APC Sharing Session: Does TBL Improve Student Engagement and Outcomes in a PBL-Based Medical Course?

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July 13, 2023, at 9 AM SGT (9PM EDT on July 12, 2AM BST on July 13)
Does TBL Improve Student Engagement and Outcomes in a PBL-Based Medical Course? led by Bronwen Dalziel
Medical schools often utilize either a problem-based learning (PBL) or a team-based learning (TBL) curriculum approach to teach pre-clinical students. The Western Sydney University medical program is currently a PBL approach, however, they wished to use TBL in the course at the point where students are transitioning from pre-clinical learning to clinical learning environments to better prepare them for the diversity of cases they encounter in their clinical years.

In PBL, students get the opportunity to apply their newly found knowledge in the context of only one clinical case. By the end of their second year of PBL-style tutorials, students are disengaged with the pedagogy and also sometimes demonstrate limited ability to apply their learning to different clinical scenarios outside of the scope of their PBL case study. The structure of TBL better allows students to actively apply their knowledge to a large range of problems and case studies and discover gaps in their learning.

Therefore, in order to promote students who are independent learners that are good at problem-solving and transferring their knowledge across a variety of clinical scenarios, they created a modified version of TBL called “clinical classrooms”. Students value time with research scientists and clinicians and these clinical classroom tutorials have been a valuable steppingstone for students toward clinical attachments, as they complete their pre-clinical learning.

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