TBL Consultant – Patricia Gwirtz

Patricia A. Gwirtz, Ph.D., FACC
Associate Dean, Graduate School of Biomedical Science
Professor, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease Institute
University of North Texas Health Science Center
3500 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

E-mail: Patricia.Gwirtz@unthsc.edu

Patricia A. Gwirtz, Ph.D. is a Professor and Associate Dean in the Graduate School of Biomedical Science at the Graduate School of Biomedical Science. She is Program Director for the Specialized Master’s Degree Programs in Medical Science, Clinical Research Management, and Biotechnology. Dr. Gwirtz received her B.S. in Nutrition Science from Drexel University and her Ph.D. in Physiology from Thomas Jefferson University. She was actively funded for over 35 years for her research in cardiovascular/coronary regulation during exercise and hypertension by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, American Heart Association and American Osteopathic Association. Dr. Gwirtz has over 28 years of experience in development and oversight of educational programs and student development as an instructor, course director, program director and associate dean. She is committed to mentoring students and junior faculty and to finding innovative ways to incorporate active learning methods in the classroom in order to improve the critical thinking skills of students and active learning methods.

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TBL Consultant – Patricia Gwirtz

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