TBL Consultant – Michele Clark

michele-clarkMichele Clark, RN, PhD
University of Nevada Las Vegas
School of Nursing

Discipline: Nursing

Email: michele.clark@unlv.edu

I am a nurse researcher who has used TBL since 2004. I have been privileged in helping faculty from a number of universities implement TBL in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. My commitment in introducing TBL as an active teaching strategy stems from the student’s improved understanding of the content as well as the student’s ability to apply learned content to complex clinical problems. However, watching faculty who are learning TBL experience the enhanced teacher learner encounter has been just as exciting. As the PhD coordinator who is managing a state university’s online PhD program, I have the opportunity to utilize TBL in many of our online courses. For our PhD program, this active teaching strategy has increased engagement and collaboration among students as well as allow for creative and innovative problem solving for required assignments. As we move to initiate an Interdisciplinary PhD program I am eager to introduce this innovative learning style to our new program.