TBL Consultant – Marit Ostebo

Marit Ostebo
Assistant Professor
University of Florida

Discipline: Anthropology

Email: marit.ostebo@ufl.edu

I am an assistant professor in anthropology at the University of Florida. I have a very interdisciplinary background with a BSc in Nursing, a MPh in International/Public Health and a PhD in Gender and Development. I have extensive field-research experience from Ethiopia, where I prior to pursuing an academic career, was involved in humanitarian and development work.

I started using TBL in 2014 and I am currently implementing TBL in all my undergraduate courses, including Anthropology of Religion and Human Rights and Culture. I also incorporate elements of TBL in my graduate seminars. I have, in addition to conducting TBL workshops at the University of Florida, also provided workshops for faculty members at institutions of higher learning in Norway.

I am, together with Heidi Menenga, in the early phase of a research project that compares the use of TBL in large, medium and small classrooms. I have also experimented using different digital platforms for TBL, and I am interested in exploring how students experience the traditional scratch-cards used for testing in the TBL classrooms vs. electronic platform solutions.