TBL Consultant – LaTonya Amboree

LaTonya Amboree, M.Ed.
Region 4 Education Service Center
Houston, TX

Email: latonya.amboree@esc4.net

LaTonya Amboree is an education specialist for a Region 4 Education Service Center in Houston, Texas. LaTonya was a classroom teacher for 9 years, and an education specialist for 6. She has been using TBL since 2012. Additionally, LaTonya is a member of the TBLC Steering Committee. She has a Masters of Education in Education Administration and is a certified teacher in the state of Texas. She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Houston-Downtown, where she teaches a social studies methods course, and incorporates several team-based learning modules.

As a proponent of collaborative learning in the classroom, she is a huge promoter of TBL. Team-based learning is an interactive strategy that removes the teacher as the sage on the stage, and allows them to be the guide on the side. Some K-12 teachers are reluctant to make this paradigm shift. However, until teachers realize that education is about learning, not about teaching, surface coverage of standards will continue to be a problem in the K-12 classroom.

LaTonya has a commitment to introducing team-based learning as a curriculum framework in both the primary and secondary grades. As an education specialist, she has worked with a number of teachers on the implementation of scaffolds to support the TBL process at the K-12 level. She has experience giving TBL workshops for K-12 implementation. LaTonya has worked with several school districts in the state of Texas. Although LaTonya’s primary content focus is in the area of humanities and social sciences, she she has worked with teachers in all 4 core subject areas (Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts) to effectively implement the TBL process with fidelity.

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