TBL Consultant – Joy de Vries

Joy de Vries
Educational Scientist
VU University in Amsterdam

Email: i.erich@xs4all.nl

Joy de Vries is an educational scientist. Prior to her master’s degree she obtain a degree in Nursing and as a teacher of pedagogy. After working as a RN for 10 years she has worked in the field of medical education since 2008. She serves on the TBLC Trainer/Consultant Certification Committee and the European committee, being the only certified TBL trainer in the Netherlands and one of four certified trainers in Europe. At the VU University in Amsterdam, de Vries is involved with faculty development, curriculum redesign and she trains teachers, doctors and other staff members on TBL. She works on her PhD which is about professional identity development. Her research interests are on professionalism, identity development and faculty development. Her field of expertise is in phenomenological research.