TBL Consultant – Jonathan Branney

Jonathan Branney
Senior Lecturer
Bournemouth University

Discipline: Nursing

Email: jbranney@bournemouth.ac.uk

I am a Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing with a professional background in both critical care nursing and as a chiropractor. My education passion is for the biosciences that underpin safe and effective nursing practice. A challenge I and other nurse educators face is that student nurses often find the bioscience components of their degree to be the most difficult. For this reason I started exploring alternatives to traditional teaching and identified Team-based Learning (TBL) as an ideal fit for nurse education. I introduced TBL as leader of an applied pathophysiology and nursing care unit (course) and it is evaluated highly by students – delivering these sessions gives me the highest sense of job satisfaction. Students are engaged, the learning is evident, and some even report that learning pathophysiology is fun! TBL is a fantastic framework for teaching any subject and I’m proud to have assisted colleagues at my own institution adopt TBL in areas including social science and sports therapy. I am keen to support any colleague who wishes to introduce this fantastic approach to learning.