TBL Consultant – Jolanda Mol

Jolanda Mol
Leiden University Medical Center

Email: j.mol@lumc.nl

Discipline: Psychology

My experience in the higher education sector is for more than 20 years now. After my study cognitive psychology I start working at the University of Amsterdam. I have been a student councilor for many years. During this time I saw the limitations of students and the disconnecting approach from the institute. It fascinates me and stimulates me to get more involved in the format the curriculum was offered. I did some research in efficiency and made policy to stimulate study success.

After that a psychology company asked me to develop an instrument to improve the success of inflow, flow and outflow of students. This instrument helps (applied) universities to manage the guidance student need.

Since a couple of years, I’m working at the University of Leiden at the Medical Centre. My job is to advise teachers and ‘course owners’ to improve their educational activities. One thing we can do better is to activate students. We have to stimulate students to prepare their stuff so they can have a substantive contribution in class. TBL creates the situation where student can to this. I hope to convince a lot of teachers to use TBL. This will help students to learn better and help teachers to teach better.