TBL Consultant – Fanny Huijbregts-Verheyden

Fanny Huijbregts-Verheyden
Educational Scientist
Radboud University Medical Centre Health Academy

Email: Fanny.Huijbregts-Verheyden@radboudumc.nl

As an educational scientist I’m mainly engaged in the field of active learning. I provide regular faculty development courses in this area, with particular attention for meaningful use of ICT tools. I find it fun and inspiring to work with different audiences. This also applies to Team Based Learning.

Since I got my masters degree in educational sciences in 1995 I’ve mainly worked in the field of higher education at several universities. Currently I work at the Radboud University Medical Centre Health Academy. Here I perform various activities, such as consultant for curriculum development, instructional design, trainer in educational design and teaching strategies and e-learning development.