TBL Consultant – Annetta Dolowitz

Annetta Dolowitz, MPH, MSW
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Discipline: Business

Email: adolowitz@uab.edu

Annetta Dolowitz, MPH, MSW has been an adjunct professor in the MISQ Department in the Collat School of Business since 2014. She has extensive experience in training and development in a number of different settings, from academic to public. In 2015, Annetta completed her Service Learning Fellowship and manages both local and international virtual service learning projects for her nonprofit courses. She presented a poster about on online team based learning at the TBL Collaborative conference in 2016. In August of 2016, she was asked to be a fellow for Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) program, part of UAB’s accreditation process. She immediately began leading QEP trainings with the Center for Teaching and Learning. Here she develops and leads trainings for faculty and staff at her university. This includes developing and leading the new TBL Foundations Certificate training. Annetta has led a number of professional development workshops at the Academy of Management Conference related to Service Learning and Team-Based Learning. In addition, since late 2016 she has been promoting and actively working on papers or facilitating workshops and trainings about how to transition a face-to-face TBL course to an online team-based course.  She actively participates in both the Training Consultant committee as well as in the Online Community of Practice.

My mission is to prepare students for professional careers by promoting life-long learning and team development. I promote TBL as an effective and enjoyable way to accomplish these two goals. After all, in a world where unlimited information is available at the touch of a button, TBL begins engaging students in the process of critically analyzing sources of information, teaches them how to question these sources in order to synthesize their own opinion. I help students and faculty develop the skills and confidence necessary to be successful using TBL. I have continue to learn and grow as a TBL practitioner through my various one-on-one coaching, both locally and internationally, as well as through my various workshops. As I love to say, “Have Passion, Have Knowledge, Will Travel!”