TBL Consultant – Annetta Dolowitz

Annetta Dolowitz, MPH, MSW
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Discipline: Business

Annetta Dolowitz, MPH, MSW, PhD student, has been an adjunct professor in the Management Department in the Collat School of Business since 2014. She has extensive experience in training and development in a number of different settings, from academic to public. From 2016-2019, she was a fellow for the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) program, developing and leading training for faculty and staff. This including developing and leading the new TBL™ Foundations Certificate training. Annetta has led a number of professional development workshops at the Academy of Management Conference related to Service Learning and Team-Based Learning. In February 2017 she became a certified trainer consultant. Her passion and mission is to help prepare learners for professional careers by promoting life-long learning and team development. Annetta’s training includes international TBL™ training both in-person and virtually.

Since 2018, Annetta has participated in the creation and editing of articles, in publication, regarding best practices of implementing TBL™ in an online environment. Annetta was able to implement recommendations from the papers this summer, 2020. Having co-developed a face-to-face high school law camp in 2019, she successfully assisted in transitioning this TBL™ styled camp online.