TBL Consultant – Amanda Rees

Amanda Rees, Ph.D.
Columbus State University

Discipline: Geography

Email:  arees@columbusstate.edu

Amanda Rees was appointed to the Department of History & Geography in 2005. She brings valuable expertise as a teacher, researcher and faculty leader. As a TBL teacher, this pedagogy has brought academic success to students in her non-traditional, first generation, racially and ethnically diverse institution. TBL also provides a impactful pedagogical tool that empowers community geography students to engage community partners in the complex, co-production of public and digital humanities projects. Her recent scholarship reflects on the scholarship of TBL teaching and learning and community geography pedagogy. She also leads the Columbus Community Geography Center ePress where student community projects are co-authored and published to engage a broad, public audience. Her professional development extends beyond CSU, providing training in TBL through conference presentations, consultations, and immersive workshop experiences. As chair of CSU’s Teaching & Learning Enhancement Committee, she leads a team of colleagues in providing resources for innovative interdisciplinary teaching and pedagogical development. As a former Faculty Center Director, she developed and launched two CSU, year-long programs: New Faculty Seminar and CSULead Fellowship (in partnership with CSU’s Leadership Institute). Dr. Rees supports an innovative, college-level annual Teaching and Learning Workshop, and facilitates a 14-year Research and Writing Community of Practice. Dr. Rees serves on the Team-Based Learning Collaborative Education Committee.