TBL Consultant – Rick Goedde

Rick Goedde
Director of Management Studies
Associate Professor
St. Olaf College
Northfield, Minnesota

Discipline: Business

Email: goedde@stolaf.edu

Rick Goedde teaches courses in investments, corporate finance, and management within the Economics Department at St. Olaf College, a liberal arts college. The Management Studies Program offers a concentration in business-related courses to all majors at the college. Rick incorporates a variety of teaching/learning strategies within the team-based learning framework, including Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT), online business and investment simulations, and unstructured case studies. His research interests include stock investment systems, asset allocation/portfolio rebalancing, and the development of personal endowments. He did both his undergraduate and graduate work in accounting and finance at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Rick specializes in combining Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) with Team-Based Learning in order to increase individual accountability on challenging team applications. JiTT requires students to submit answers to instructor-posed questions a few hours before class time using course management software (Moodle, etc.) In a traditional JiTT classroom, the instructor can quickly look at the answers before class and be better prepared to clarify difficult topics, while spending less time on topics that the students understand. In a TBL classroom, JiTT has the double benefit of better preparing students to work on a challenging application with their teams and better preparing instructors to facilitate the discussion of the application because they have insight into what students are thinking about a particular application.

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TBL Consultant – Rick Goedde

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