TBL Consultant – Paul Haidet

Paul Haidet, M.D., M.P.H.
College of Medicine
Penn State University

Email: pmh6@psu.edu

Dr. Haidet is a general internist in the Department of Medicine. He is a member of the class of 1999-2000 of the Master Teacher Fellowship. An active member of the American Academy on Physician and Patient. Dr. Haidet has advanced training in small group teaching and communication skills. He has facilitated small group learning sessions (including Problem-Based Learning and Bedside Teaching) at the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Baylor College of Medicine. Dr Haidet is available for direct observation and input on clinical teaching, team learning, including both one-to-one (as in the outpatient setting) and small group formats (as in bedside rounds).