TBL Consultant – Michael Rindler

Michael Rindler, PhD, Ph.D.
Associate Professor in the Department of Cell Biology
New York University School of Medicine

Discipline: Medical Education

Email: michael.rindler@nyumc.org

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Cell Biology at NYU School of Medicine. I serve as the Director of Team-Based Learning and the Director of Scholarly Concentrations in the undergraduate medical school curriculum, as well as the Cell Biology and Embryology content director and an instructor in the Histology basic science courses. I have led the TBL program (known as Team-Based Medical Decision-making) since it was introduced in 2011. I have helped design and write 18 TBLs used throughout the first year and half basic science curriculum, as well as several adopted as part of the Interclerkship Intensive program during the clinical years. The goal of the TBL program is to foster critical thinking, communication skills and effective teamwork, all of which are essential core competencies for clinicians. TBL topics include cystic fibrosis, cardiomyopathies and diabetes, among others. I co-facilitate most of the TBLs with clinical faculty. I train and mentor the faculty engaged in the program and run TBL101 and Advanced TBL workshops. In addition, I oversee the peer evaluation component of TBL, which is now an integral part of the NYU medical school professional development program.

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TBL Consultant – Michael Rindler

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