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New to TBL? Check Out These Resources!

If you are a new educator or new to team-based learning, the TBLC has a comprehensive list of resources available for you to begin your practice.

  • Books and Basics – Find the source material you need to get started in TBL, written by the founders and masters of the art.
  • TBL Consultants – Looking for a mentor in your region? The TBLC maintains a listing of current trainers and mentors from around the globe who are ready to help you grow in your TBL practice. 
  • Fundamentals, Practitioner and Trainer-Consultant Certifications – Looking to enhance your practice or further your study of TBL? Earning a level of certification is great way to take a deeper dive into the study and practice of team-based learning. Workshops, research and training are led by certified Trainer-Consultants who can help you upskill your teaching style in a one-on-one approach.
  • Online best practices – Is your class sticking with an online delivery method? Did you find that online delivery just works better for your students? So can TBL! In the whtie paper “Off to On” Michele Clark et al. give step-by-step instructions on how to take your modules from the classroom to the desktop. 

Looking for a deeper dive into TBL? Join the Collaborative and gain access to:

  • TBLC Modules – written and peer-reviewed by fellow TBL educators, these modules have everything you need to get a subject or topic started in your classroom.
  • TBLC Research Grants – The TBLC supports and encourages research and scholarship in TBL. To help its members participate in opportunities that provide educational scholarship, the TBLC will provide funding to initiate new educational research or evaluation proposals each year.
  • Communities of Practice – Members also have access to join any of three existing Communities of Practice: Research and Scholarship, TBL for Training and TBL Online.

For more information on team-based learning, and to join the Collaborative, visit www.teambasedlearning.org.

Submit Your Module to the TBLC Resource Portal!

Do you have a favorite module you use in your classes that you’d love to share with others in your field? Be sure to submit your completed module to the TBLC Resource Portal!

If you’d like to submit your module, click here to view the submission form. The completed form should include all information necessary for teaching your module as well as instructions on submitting it. Once received, your module will be peer-reviewed by members of the TBLC Editorial Board.

We look forward to receiving your module!

Conference Support for European TBLC Members

ETBLC are offering European TBLC members the opportunity to apply for conference support up to a maximum of €150/£125 for presenters of TBL workshops and presentations at conferences and meetings. The aim of this is to help widen the awareness of TBL within the education and wider community.

Details required are:
1. The title of the conference/meeting
2. The title of the presentation and evidence of acceptance and 
3. Evidence of anticipated expense.  

In return for the support you will be expected to:
1. Distribute ETBLC leaflets at your presentation (which will be mailed to you).
2. Give a short email debrief of the activity including attendance numbers.
3. If using social media include the hashtag #TeamBasedLearning.  

Payment will be made on receipt of the copy of appropriate receipts and the debrief. Payments will be made electronically so bank details will be required.

It is anticipated that there will be a response time of 1 month from receipt of the application which will be considered by a sub-committee of the ETBLC board. There will be a maximum of ten awards made in 2020 and only one award will be made per person per year (January-December). 

Please email your application to Danielle Inscoe danielle@tblcadmin.org

Thank you,

Archive Available for the Free Webinar Assessing Professional Behaviors in Pre-Clerkship Medical Students Using the “Team” in Team-Based Learning

In the last free webinar of 2019, presenter Amanda Emke discussed her research on the direct observation of professional behaviors in team-based learning settings.

Want to watch the webinar again? Did you miss it the first time around? Don’t worry! Find the link to the archive to this session, and our previous sessions, below:

Title: Assessing Professional Behaviors in Pre-Clerkship Medical Students Using the “Team” in Team-Based Learning
Presenters: Amanda Emke
Time: Tuesday, November 6 at 12 PM EST
Archive link: https://vimeo.com/371442285

The TBLC free webinar series will take a brief break over the holidays and return in February. Stay tuned for more information after the beginning of the year! Have an idea for a webinar? Let us know at support@tblcadmin.org.

Would you like to have a TBL Consultant Conduct a Workshop?

Would you like to have a TBL Trainer-Consultant Conduct a Workshop?


As you may know, the TBLC maintains a list of certified Trainer-Consultants on the TBLC website under the “Resources” tab. If you would like to have one of our Trainer-Consultants lead a workshop at your university and help spread TBL, let us know!
Please email us at support@tblcadmin.org with the following information:
  • Institution
  • Type of workshop requested
  • Approximate number of participants
  • Date you’d like the workshop to be held
Once we have this information, we will be able to help assist in finding the proper Trainer-Consultant to lead this workshop!

TBLC Featured Resource: Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Analysis


TBLC Featured Resource

Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Analysis


Title: Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Analysis
Authors: Annetta Dolowitz
Affiliations: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Resources available with this module: Readings, application exercise, RAT
Context: Nonprofit Organizational Management

This module will cover various readings and videos related to Strategic Planning and Strategic Management. You will explore in detail how leadership and strategic management and planning will make or break any business. We will explore how critical strategic planning and management are to nonprofits. You will see that there are challenges to creating a plan, especially depending on the size and the age of the nonprofit. You and your team will be creating a SWOT analysis for the Class NPO as well as for your Service Learning partners. Be sure to look for tips and best practices other NPOs offer. Clear understanding of conducting a strategic analysis will improve the quality of your midterm project proposals as well as your third reflection paper and final presentation centered around your Service Learning project.Required Reading

  • Demonstrate and apply experience and skills that you have read or heard in class activities, and in your service learning projects, while adding skills to your resume.
  • Identify the theoretical and conceptual foundations of a nonprofit.
  • Assess and explain how strategic management competencies are applied to nonprofit organizations by running a SWOT analysis.
  • Take the results of your SWOT analysis to evaluate Class NPO Partner to develop and defend strategies to address your findings for the Class NPO Partner Project.
  • Critique the role of accountability, ethics, and social responsibility in the management of a nonprofit organization.
  • Evaluate, explain, and defend the results of your project for your partner NPO.
  • Demonstrate professional development.
For more information on this, and more, modules available in the Resource Bank, please visit the Resource Portal.

Will you be attending any Educational Conferences? Tell us!

We’d like to get the word out about Team-Based Learning and about the Collaborative. To do this, we need your help! 

Will you be attending any Education-Based Conferences this year? If you are, please let us know! You can send this information to us via email at support@tblcadmin.org

We’d like to begin exhibiting at these meetings and your information will help us expand our list of current meetings to attend. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please just let us know at support@tblcadmin.org.

*Free TBLC Webinar* Getting Research Ideas With the Aim of Publication

Please join us in the first of a series in free webinars sponsored by the Team-Based Learning Collaborative, focusing on generating research ideas with an aim at getting that scholarly work published. Many who are teaching-focused would like to (or need to) publish papers, but may not have access to research data in a particular discipline. This TBLC Research and Scholarship webinar is the first in a series that features a wide range of research that members have published.

This inaugural webinar deals with what is possibly the hardest step in the research process, which is to find a workable research idea that draws on our classroom activities. This poses a challenge, because for most of us teaching/education is an unfamiliar discipline, and it may be hard to see how we can draw on our own “technical” discipline research experience for guidance.

Title: Getting Research Ideas With the Aim of Publication
Presenter: Dr. Peter Balan, OAM
Time: Tuesday, April 23 at 12 PM ESTRegistration link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8190296598264358668

Dr. Balan’s field of expertise is entrepreneurship and innovation, but he has built a research stream in education/pedagogy and has set up collaborative research projects with TBLC members in different countries. His view is that every time we walk into a classroom we should see the students in front of us as a potential dataset and that there are many possible research ideas that emerge out of our teaching, and out of reflecting on student attitudes and perceptions in general. 
Dr. Balan will talk through a practical approach for generating research ideas, and will use some of his current projects to bring to life the first steps in the research process, which is to identify a research idea and then to turn this into a research question that can be explored using data provided by your students.

Interested in viewing this free webinar? Register using this link. You will then be sent a URL that will connect you with the webinar. We hope you enjoy the first of what will surely be a successful series of webinars all focused on helping you do your best research and scholarship.
 Thank you,Richard Plunkett, PhD
Chair, TBLC Research and Scholarship Committee

TBL Workshop Support Kit

Are you going to be presenting a TBL workshop soon? Let us know!

If you’ll be leading a TBL workshop and you’d like some TBLC materials, please just let us know at support@tblcadmin.org. Please be sure to include:

  • Where the workshop will be held
  • How many attendees you expect
  • When the workshop will be held
  • Your shipping address

We’d be happy to provide you with some A-E cards, TBLC brochures, and TBLC meeting or regional workshop flyers!

Once the workshop is over, we ask that you forward us this sign in sheet that includes attendee’s names, institutions, and email addresses so that we may follow up with them.