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Call for Authors-Reviewers for New TBL Modules in Partnership with EHR Go

The TBLC is piloting a partnership with EHR Go™ to create TBL modules that accompany patient cases in their educational electronic health record. The TBLC is seeking people in the health sciences with expertise in the areas listed below to serve as either an author or reviewer of the modules.
Areas of Expertise:

  • Geriatric Medicine 
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Physical Therapist or Occupational Therapist

A brief description of the patient case that was selected for this pilot is below:

Harold Jenkins (scene 2) is a 74-year-old who has recently had a total hip replacement for osteoarthritis. After a short hospital stay he was transferred for inpatient rehabilitation at Valley View Therapy Center. While at the Therapy Center, he developed signs of depression and an SSRI was started. He is now receiving outpatient rehabilitation services via home health in his assisted living apartment. Harold has early stage dementia and needs home health care with nursing, physical, and occupational therapies.
Author Responsibilities:

  • Write a TBL module to accompany the patient case that is specific to your profession.
  • Co-write a TBL module with authors from other health professions that could be used in an interprofessional education experience.
  • TBL modules will include: 
    • Recommendations for pre-class preparation materials (e.g. textbook chapter, clinical practice guideline, review article)
    • Learning objectives
    • Individual and team readiness assurance test questions and answer key
    • Team application activities 
    • TBL module facilitator guide
  • Attend an EHR Go™ training webinar (or review the recording of the webinar)
  • Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the medical information included in the modules.
  • The first draft of the discipline-specific TBL module is due on July 29, 2019.
  • The first draft of the interprofessional TBL module is due on August 26, 2019.

Reviewer Responsibilities:

  • Critically evaluate the structure of the TBL module created to ensure that it follows the principles of TBL. (checklists of essential TBL module components will be provided)
  • Critically evaluate learning objectives and multiple choice questions (RAT, Team applications) are written to a high standard that follow best practices. (checklists of high-quality learning objectives and multiple choice questions will be provided)
  • Attend an EHR Go™ training webinar (or review the recording of the webinar)
  • Submit comments for the author within 2 weeks from the time the module was received. We anticipate sending discipline-specific modules to reviewers in early August 2019 and the interprofessional module in early September 2019.

Authors and Reviewers will receive nominal compensation for their work related to this project.
For questions regarding the role of the authors or reviewers, please contact Michelle Farland (mfarland@cop.ufl.edu).

To volunteer to serve as an author or reviewer, please send the information below to: Danielle Inscoe (danielle@tblcadmin.org)

  • Area of expertise
  • Preference to serve as an author or reviewer
  • Brief description of your experience developing TBL modules

We look forward to your submissions.