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Peg Mohr to Serve as Executive Editor of Publications and Chair of the Editorial Board

Peggy Mohr
Peggy Mohr

At our recent meeting the committee voted to approve Peg Mohr’s nomination after reviewing her application materials, and I am pleased to announce that Peg will be joining the Steering Committee as our new Executive Editor of Publications and Chair of the Editorial Board. Peg, thank you for your dedication to our editorial process over the years and for your willingness to serve as Editor! We all look forward to welcoming you to the Steering Committee and to working with you.

Bonny Dickinson
Bonny Dickinson

I would like to acknowledge Bonny Dickinson for her outstanding service as Executive Editor for the 2016 – 2018 term. From my perspective, Bonny brought to her position a sense of responsibility and a desire to improve our module review and publication process. Our module review process has thrived under her leadership, and Bonny has helped lead improvements such as a formal process to review reviewers in order to acknowledge our top reviewers. I also believe Bonny deserves a prize for being one of the most regular providers of monthly reports to the Steering Committee. Bonny looks forward to some emerging career opportunities, and I appreciate the time and effort she was able to share with us on the TBLC leadership team.

Michael Nelson, PhD, RPh
Team-Based Learning Collaborative



Will Ofstad to Serve as Chair of Educational Development Committee

Will Ofstadt
Will Ofstadt

Please help me in welcoming Will Ofstad as the new chair of the Educational Development Committee. Will is the Director of the Office of Teaching and Learning, Assistant Dean for Education and Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences at California Health Sciences University. During the Steering Committee’s recent meeting, the committee members approved my nomination of Will for the position. I contacted him about the news and he is happily working closely with David Thomas during the transition.

David Thomas

I want to acknowledge the work of David Thomas for the past few years chairing the EDC. Among other things, David has led an effort to ensure our standard TBL workshop are of uniform quality and I believe as a result our TBL 101 and Module Development workshops are an improved experience, whether at the annual meeting or regional meetings. David, thank you for all you have contributed these past years. We will miss your collegiality and thoughtful input on the Steering Committee.

With gratitude,
Michael Nelson, PhD, RPh
Team-Based Learning Collaborative



TBLC Steering Committee Candidates for 2018

The Nominating Committee is pleased to present its slate of candidates for this year’s election to the TBLC Steering Committee. In accordance with our bylaws, these are being posted to our website in alphabetical order.

Although selection by the Nominating Committee is our formal system for identifying appropriate candidates, any TBLC member in good standing may petition to have his/her name added to this ballot by the mechanism described in our bylaws under Article VIII.

Members of TBLC are asked to review the candidates’ qualifications listed below, and to thoughtfully consider the course each would take to achieve our Goals as discussed in their Personal Statement. On May 1, 2018 the electronic ballot will be activated and voting instructions will be provided. At that time, TBLC members in good standing will be invited to select one (1) nominee for Treasurer (2-year term) and one (1) nominee for Member-At-Large: Health Sciences (3-year term). Between April 1st and April 25th, members may petition for additional candidates to be added to the ballot. Such nomination petitions may consist of either a single document or separate letters. To qualify for nomination by petition, each candidate must have the support of at least 15 TBLC members in good standing. All petitions and letters must be addressed to and received by the TBLC Manager on or before midnight Eastern Time (GMT-5) of April 25th.

Also note, this page presents the qualifications and personal statement of each candidate only as submitted by the candidate. This is NOT the actual ballot.

Qualifications and Personal Statements

Christopher Burns – Treasurer
Roseman University of Health Sciences

When I first started using TBL, the TBLC was an invaluable resource of information, training, and most importantly, knowledgeable and helpful colleagues. It has been my great pleasure to be involved with this organization since 2010 and to have had many opportunities to contribute to our success. In 2013, I graduated from the Consultant-Trainer program and since then have successfully mentored five others to achieve their certificates. The skills I learned have been a great help to me guiding others in TBL at my own institution and extramurally. I co-facilitate workshops at our annual conference each year with an emphasis on peer evaluation, and have also co-facilitated regional, and pre-conference, TBL in a day workshops. I have served on the nominating and program planning committees, and on the steering committee as member-at-large for health sciences in 2015, and currently as the Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee. We have made great progress in the last two years, including funding major initiatives for expansion in Europe and Asia. I seek your support to continue our work for another two years.

Lauren Brannan – Member-at-Large: K-12
University of South Alabama

I am currently an Assistant Professor of Reading Education in the College of Education at the University of South Alabama. I currently teach undergraduate and graduate reading methods courses. I have been implementing team-based learning since 2014 and am a huge advocate for the use of this format in teacher education. I am interested in working with K-12 teachers to implement team-based learning or components of team-based learning in their classrooms.

TBLC – Featured Module: Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Analysis

This month’s featured module is “Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Analysis.” The module was developed by Annetta Dolowitz, reviewed, and published to the Resource Bank in the fall of 2016. The “Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Analysis” module was designed for a course in Nonprofit Organizational Management.

The module focuses on seven learning goals. The learning goals are:

  1. Demonstrate and apply experience and skills that you have read or heard in class activities, and in your service learning projects, while adding skills to your resume.
  2. Identify the theoretical and conceptual foundations of a nonprofit.
  3. Assess and explain how strategic management competencies are applied to nonprofit organizations by running a SWOT analysis.
  4. Take the results of your SWOT analysis to evaluate Class NPO Partner to develop and defend strategies to address your findings for the Class NPO Partner Project.
  5. Critique the role of accountability, ethics, and social responsibility in the management of a nonprofit organization.
  6. Evaluate, explain, and defend the results of your project for your partner NPO.
  7. Demonstrate professional development.

The “Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Analysis” module includes a 10 question RAT and 2 Application Exercises.

This module and many more can be found in the TBLC Resource Bank. Click here to log in to the Member’s Site.

Did you know that you can submit your own module to be peer reviewed by fellow TBLC members and included in the TBLC Resource Bank? Click here to download the Resource Bank submission form and e-mail it to resources@tblcadmin.org.

TBLC – Featured Module: The Manager’s Job

This month’s featured module is The Manager’s Job. The Module was developed by Dr. Mark Harrison, reviewed, and published to the Resource Bank in the Winter of 2017. The Manager’s Job module was designed for a course in Management at a liberal arts college. The primary focus is on critical thinking and communication skills, which have priority over technical knowledge and skills. The course serves as part of a broader effort to do Writing Across the Curriculum. This module is traditionally taught in small sections of 15 – 20 students of traditional age. These students have negligible prior exposure to Management, but they have read Harrison (2012) Note on Decision Cases Situation Analysis.

The Module focuses on three learning goals. The Learning Goals are:

  • Think critically and analytically; communicate clearly (both orally and in writing)
  • Apply managerial theories to realistic business situations; specifically, to apply Mintzberg’s ‘ten roles of a manager’ to the situation of Jessica Gonon in the case “Mommy-Track Backlash”.
  • Perform a situation analysis on a realistic management situation and make a reasoned recommendation for a course of action.

The Manager’s Job module includes a nine question RAT and two Application Exercises.

This module and many more can be found in the TBLC Resource Bank. Click here to log in to the Member’s Site.

Did you know that you can submit your own module to be peer reviewed by fellow TBLC members and included in the TBLC Resource Bank? Click here to download the Resource Bank submission form and e-mail it to resources@tblcadmin.org.