Reid Proctor and Renée Hayslett Win Best Poster Award at #TBLC24

We would like to extend our congratulations on behalf of the TBLC to this year’s poster award winners: Reid Proctor and Renée Hayslett. Their poster abstract was titled “Implementation of Moodle, an Open-Source Solution for Team-Based Learning.” As the lead presenter, TBLC is pleased to announce that Reid Proctor will receive one year of free membership for winning.

Implementation of Moodle, an Open-Source Solution for Team-Based Learning

In 2018 the Mercer University College of Pharmacy rolled out TBL as a college wide initiative. Conventional TBL uses IF-AT cards to deliver the team-quiz component of the Readiness Assurance Process (RAP). We observed the use of IF-AT cards in various settings and identified that their use could be challenging in a large classroom setting. The need for an electronic platform to reduce the logistical burdens of TBL was identified.

To reduce logistical challenges in the large classroom, which includes distributing and collecting IF-AT cards, time to grade them, and additional personnel needed to facilitate this paper-based process, we implemented an instance of Moodle as a secondary learning management system (LMS), specifically configured to support team activities. Moodle, like the IF-AT cards, supports an answer until correct function along with additional capabilities such as fill-in-the-blank and select all that apply, thus allowing greater flexibility with question types. In addition to supporting the RAP, this instance of Moodle has been used to effectively deliver a variety of application activities. Since the Fall of 2018 we have used this system to support the delivery of over 350 TBL class sessions.

Two classes of students were surveyed to capture perceptions of this novel use of the Moodle system. In addition, system usage data was also collected. Over 94% of the students surveyed, indicated that the Moodle system had worked well for each TBL session. We have delivered 353 successful TBL sessions using Moodle in this way with no technical incidents. A cost analysis of the system reflects an annual cost per student of less than $8.00.

This novel use of Moodle to support TBL has proven to be effective, reliable, and cost friendly. We will continue to develop how we use Moodle in this way.

We would like to thank all the presenters for their submissions. We had a difficult time selecting one winner from an excellent group of posters. Abstracts for the TBLC 2025 Annual Conference will be accepted this September and we encourage you all to submit!