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THE SPECIFIC CHOICE: Making Your TBL Module Successful

Karla Kubitz, Sara Leupen

This workshop is for instructors who have completed the introductory workshop on Team-Based Learning, TBL 101. It is conducted in a TBL format and there is an Advance Assignment.

TBL modules can sink or swim on the quality of the questions that you pose. The toughest task is to write team Application questions that force learners to grapple with the topic’s principles, analyze data, and make a decision that is defensible. By the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

- Identify how to use the four S’s in the design of a team Application exercise.

- Construct a team Application question that will engage a team in high-level thinking.

- Describe how to link team Application questions to Readiness Assurance and the Advance Assignment.

- Choose the best question format: MCQ or Gallery Walk.

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