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For Authors Preparing to Submit TBL Modules

The Team-Based Learning Collaborative strongly encourages medical educators to submit TBL modules to MedEdPORTAL (www.MedEdPORTAL.org) for publication instead of to the TBLC Resource Bank.  Publications in MedEdPortal are viewed as higher status publications by most medical educators and modules published in MedEdPortal are more widely distributed.  In addition, MedEdPORTAL also tracks module usage and provides data that can be used to support claims of scholarly dissemination (e.g., for promotion and tenure decisions). 

However, the Team-based Learning Collaborative does understand that some medical educators may not want to submit their modules to MedEdPORTAL.  Some modules may not be appropriate and others may not be ready for publication in MedEdPORTAL.  Consequently, medical educators who wish to share TBL modules that are not ready/ not appropriate for publication in MedEdPORTAL are still welcome to submit their modules to the TBLC Resource Bank.

For Teachers Looking for TBL Modules

Medical educators looking for TBL modules are encouraged to review the resources in the TBL collection at MedEdPORTAL.  MedEdPORTAL is a free online peer-reviewed publication service provided by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) in partnership with the American Dental Education Association (ADEA).  MedEdPORTAL was designed to promote educational collaboration by facilitating the open exchange of peer-reviewed teaching resources such as tutorials, virtual patients, simulation cases, lab guides, videos, podcasts, assessment tools, etc.  Whereas MedEdPORTAL’s primary audiences include health educators and learners, it is open and available for free to the general public.

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