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Writing Multiple Choice Questions

Writing good multiple choice questions is at the heart of successful Readiness Assurance Tests. Question should test concepts and foundational knowledge that students will require before they begin problem solving. We typically write the questions at about 1/3 Bloom’s level knowledge and recall and 2/3 at simple application. They key here is to get students ready for application activities that follow.

Writing Multiple-Choice Questions for Continuing Medical Education Activities and Self-Assessment Modules – There is a very good article by Jeanette Collins from the Journal of Radiography that introduces you to multiple choice question writing. (9 pages)

Introduction the Multiple Choice Question Writing – Here is a useful handout from the University of British Columbia on writing and improving your multiple choice questions. (8 pages)

Constructing Written Test Questions for the Basic and Clinical Sciences from the National Medical Examiners Board has long been the best resource for learning how to write good, effective multiple choice questions. (180 pages)

Multiple choice questions not considered harmful – Good article by Woodford and Bancroft. Great simple overview of writing questions (8 pages)

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