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Pre-Class Preparation

Instructor must select readings and construct Readiness Assurance tests that help student acquire the necessary foundational knowledge to begin problem-solving and doing the application activities.

Backwards Design (Wiggins and McTighe) is often used to design TBL courses. You first identify the activities that the students will do to “learn how to use” the course content. Next, you identify the necessary background knowledge the student must have to begin problem solving. Then, you select readings and construct question to help student acquire this background knowledge.

We often create reading guides to help the students get the most of the readings. Students often have trouble identifying the important concepts from the readings. The guides can be a series of questions the students answer while reading or the guide can draw attention to the important sections of the readings.

Example Readings – Intro to Civil Engineering – Module 2

Example Reading Guide–Intro to Civil Engineering – Module 2

Example Reading Guide – Mechanical Design course


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