New to TBL? Check Out These Resources!

If you are a new educator or new to team-based learning, the TBLC has a comprehensive list of resources available for you to begin your practice.

  • Books and Basics – Find the source material you need to get started in TBL, written by the founders and masters of the art.
  • TBL Consultants – Looking for a mentor in your region? The TBLC maintains a listing of current trainers and mentors from around the globe who are ready to help you grow in your TBL practice. 
  • Fundamentals, Practitioner and Trainer-Consultant Certifications – Looking to enhance your practice or further your study of TBL? Earning a level of certification is great way to take a deeper dive into the study and practice of team-based learning. Workshops, research and training are led by certified Trainer-Consultants who can help you upskill your teaching style in a one-on-one approach.
  • Online best practices – Is your class sticking with an online delivery method? Did you find that online delivery just works better for your students? So can TBL! In the whtie paper “Off to On” Michele Clark et al. give step-by-step instructions on how to take your modules from the classroom to the desktop. 

Looking for a deeper dive into TBL? Join the Collaborative and gain access to:

  • TBLC Modules – written and peer-reviewed by fellow TBL educators, these modules have everything you need to get a subject or topic started in your classroom.
  • TBLC Research Grants – The TBLC supports and encourages research and scholarship in TBL. To help its members participate in opportunities that provide educational scholarship, the TBLC will provide funding to initiate new educational research or evaluation proposals each year.
  • Communities of Practice – Members also have access to join any of three existing Communities of Practice: Research and Scholarship, TBL for Training and TBL Online.

For more information on team-based learning, and to join the Collaborative, visit