More Resources


  1. A General Introduction to Team-Based Learning by Larry Michaelsen
  2. Using The Readiness Assurance Process by Larry Michaelsen
  3. (Turkish) A General Introduction to Team-Based Learning by Ferhan Sagin


  1. A handout on ‘Why and how TBL works’ by the University of British Columbia faculty of Applied Science.
  2. Essential elements of TBL: book chapter by Larry Michaelsen and Michael Sweet
  3. How to facilitate a TBL session by Gullo et al.

Training programs for TBL

  1. TBL instructional leadership academy from the University of Albany
  2. Duke-NUS Fellowship in Team-Based Learning
  3. TBLC conference and workshops

Teaching Resources

  1. Information on IF-AT Forms
  2. CATME
  3. InteDashboard
  4. OpenTBL

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